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You can continue to watch Jumu’ah Khutbah Live Online at 1:30PM

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To attend, follow our guidelines and book (click button below)

Limited Opening

As per the latest announcement by the Government of Ontario , we will (limited) open to the public as of this Friday for Religious services only.

We will continue to offer all our programs Live Online including Jumu’ah, Halaqah etc.

Please ensure to adhere to the guidelines in our poster below if you plan to attend.



Event/Program (Online Only)Details
Jumu’ah Khutba Fridays 1:30 PM (Live Online)
Daily Hafidh Program (Boys & Girls)Mon – Fri


Rabīʽ ul-Awwal (رَبِيع ٱلْأَوَّل‎) 1443
The 1st of Rabīʽ ul-Awwal corresponds with Fri Oct 8, 2021.

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