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Online Jumu’ah

You can continue to watch Jumu’ah Khutbah Live Online at 1:30PM


Previous Jumu’ah Khutbas

Apr 30 Dr. Hamid Slimi Dunia: The Temporary Journey
Apr 23 Dr. Hamid Slimi Learning Balance and Moderation from Ramadan
Apr 16 Dr. Hamid Slimi Learning Strong Will & Determination from Ramadan
Apr 09 Dr. Hamid Slimi How was the Prophet’s ﷺ Ramadan?
Apr 02 Dr. Hamid Slimi Learning Patience (Sabr) from Ramadan

Temp. Closed to Public

As per the latest restrictions imposed by the Officials , we are sad to announce we will be temporarily closed to the public as of Mon Apr 19.

We will ensure that all our programs including Jumu’ah & Taraweeh continue to be Live Online.



Event/Program (Online Only)Details
Jumu’ah Khutba Fridays 1:30 PM (Live Online)
Isha & Taraweeh10:10 PM (Live Online)
Daily Hafidh Program (Boys & Girls)Mon – Fri
Ramadan Course: Must Know Arabic & DeenSaturdays & Sundays: 2PM to 4PM
Ramadan Course: Read & Memorize Essentials from Qur’anWeeknights (Mon to Fri): 6:30PM to 7:30PM
Qiyam ul Layl (Tahajjud)1:30 AM (Live Online)

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Ramadān Kareem!

Al-Hamdulillah! The moon has been sighted and verified in San Diego California! The first day of fasting will be Tuesday Apr 13, insha Allah. Ramadan Kareem! May Allāh bless us and reward us all in this special, blessed month!