“God is the Reason for Life, and Faith explains everything”

What is Faith, and what does it do? We all know it’s got to do with how what we believe affects what we do, but people often disagree what those beliefs should be. Everybody believes something, and everyone has reasons for the choices they make. If Faith is the link between belief and action, then Faith is something everyone has, and it’s what gives us purpose, whether we believe in God or not.

Life is something else we’ve all got in common. Does it have a purpose too? Some of us have easy lives, and some don’t, but everyone knows that the only certainty is change. It seems to me that, if there’s no purpose to life then life is cruel no matter what happens. When tragedy strikes it’s meaningless. If fate is blind, then no good will come of suffering, no matter what we do. Suffering is inevitable:  If good comes your way, it only means it didn’t go to someone else!

With God there is a purpose to everything. Life becomes an ongoing conversation with your Creator: The things that happen to you are one side of the conversation, and your side is the responses you make. The events of your life become part of an ongoing relationship, and that changes everything: I had cancer last year, and I still thank God for it. I knew it was just one more step along the journey I’m taking. I don’t know why I’m here, but I know that God will make sure it all makes sense, and that the purpose of my life will be achieved, in the end.